Customer Information

New Service:
New customers requesting service must come to our office located at 1180 E. Main St. Horse Cave, KY 42749 and complete a new customer application.  The application requires a valid photo ID and security deposit.  The total to start new service is $82.00, consisting of a $62.00 deposit and a $20.00 non-refundable service charge.  The $62.00 will be refunded to the water account after 12 months if no late notices are received on the account.  If the customer receives late notices within the first 12 months of service, the deposit will be refunded once the water account is closed and all outstanding balances are paid. 

Customers moving into the city limits of Horse Cave will be required to pay a water deposit of $75.00 and a sewer deposit (where available) of $50.00.  The customer will still be required to show ID and come into the office to establish water and sewer service.

Customers are billed for products and service that have been rendered during the previous month. A copy of our rate chart is posted below for your inspection. Due to the billing being a month behind, prompt payment is required upon receiving your bill. Bills are mailed to customers on or around the same date each month depending on the billing cycle for your area. Once you have received your first bill, you can expect to receive a bill on or around the same date each month. Each bill contains information such as your name, address, account number, monthly water usage, due date, amount due, penalty date, amount due after the due date, state and local use taxes (where applicable) and our remit to address.

**For Tax Exempt customers, we must have a copy of your tax exempt certificate on file at our office.  If your property qualifies as a farm, you may complete a tax exempt certificate at our office. If we do not have a tax exempt certificate on file, a 6% sales tax will be added to all water bills.**

Service Disconnection:
Customers may request their service to be terminated by calling 270-786-2134 or visiting our office during regular business hours. Service may also be involuntarily terminated if full payment of the balance due is not received by close of business on the extension date given on the disconnect notice. If your service is disconnected due to non-payment, payment in-full to include all service fees, penalties and reconnect fees must be received in our office before service can be re-established. Reconnect fees are $50.00 if service is restored during regular business hours or $75.00 for service that is restored outside of our normal business hours. Meters are the property of Green River Valley Water District. If a lock is put on your meter it MUST be removed by a Green River employee. Anyone who knowingly tampers with a GRVWD owned meter is subject to have his or her meter removed disabling the use of water at that location in addition to being liable for all costs incurred as a result of repairing or replacing damaged equipment.